Frankie Edgar talks Jose Aldo injury, cites pace as potential weakness in UFC featherweight champion

UFC 153 was to showcase a featherweight dream match that would pit former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar against current kingpin Jose Aldo. Aldo would sustain a injury due to a motorcycle accident which prompted Anderson Silva and Stephan Bonnar to be the last minute headline replacement this weekend. Aldo, in a recent interviewed revealed that he should be back to training by the end of the year. While no word has leaked if Aldo and Edgar will still face each other, the match is one UFC diehards want to see happen.

Our main man in Las Vegas, Michael Mardones recently caught up with Frankie Edgar as he shares his thoughts on Aldo’s recent injury, what he thinks are Aldo’s weaknesses and if he would ever take a bout in eight days notice. Check out the video below!

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