Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto: Money May spars ahead of Sept. 12 bout

mayweather sparring

Floyd Mayweather Jr. media day is always a spectacle, one that up until Wednesday consisted of the same general activities.

Mayweather would show up, at least two hours late, in a fancy car, then make his way inside to speak with media, then he would go through some training drills which include punching drills, speed bag among other routines.

All that remained true, except Mayweather threw a new wrinkle in his media day leading up to his Sept. 12 bout with Andre Berto at the MGM Grand Garden, he included sparring in his media showcase.

With Mayweather saying he will retire after this bout, presumably with a 49-0 mark, he might have wanted to show what we usually only got to see on All Access, as sort of a bon voyage.

He sparred for a good half hour, giving the media in attendance a solid show and working up a drenching sweat in the always sweltering Mayweather Boxing Club.

Giving unusual access to a sparring event is an indicator that Money May might actually be serious that he is done after Berto, but it’s tough to believe that with a possible big event lingering over his head.

So it remains to be seen if Mayweather will actually hang up his gloves for good after next month’s bout, but with the opening of the AEG/MGM Arena next to the New York New York Hotel Casino on the strip just 245 days away, most agree that there is no way anyone but Mayweather opens up the state of the art arena.

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