Floyd Mayweather Jr. has no clue what testosterone replacement therapy is

So in this day in age illegal substances in competitive sports has become a real problem in preserving a even playing field for competitors to compete in. Steroids rocked baseball a few years back and in the short history of MMA we have seen time and time again positive tests show up from some of our very own cherished fighters.

As science improved and athletes and dope handlers got smarter there have been more ways to cheat doping tests and get away with having that extra advantage in the ring or cage. One of these techniques that has recently come under scrutiny has been testosterone replacement therapy. It first came to light in a major way with Chael Sonnen and his positive test after his bout with Anderson Silva. Little by little other athletes have taken it but the public in my eyes is lukewarm about it, some see it as ok; a way to make the athlete even with other athletes while others believe it is straight out illegal.

TRT has not made it’s way over to boxing like it has in MMA as we have not heard of any fighter as of current admit or even talk about using it. While in Las Vegas a few weeks back we asked Floyd Mayweather Jr. if he had ever heard of the procedure as we caught his┬áreaction on film.

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