Floyd Mayweather Jr. seeks to serve remaining sentence under house arrest or he might not fight again

by Jorge Alarcon-Swaby

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that undefeated fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr is seeking to serve the remaining period of his 3 month sentence, under house arrest.

Mayweather has been in jail for just 12 days of his scheduled 3 month sentence. Already his team is claiming that the fighter is being treated under inhumane conditions. They are stating that under these conditions of 23 hours locked up in a cell, under isolation, will cause a drastic effect on the fighter’s body and the inability to continue his boxing career afterwards.

A doctor was brought in to examine Mayweather’s physical condition and according his results, if Mayweather’s conditions continue as they are, his boxing career will most likely end or be shorten after he is released 3 months from now.

Mayweather’s release date from Clark County Jail is August 3, but if allowed to go under house arrest soon, he will pretty much be a free man.

He lives in a very large house that can provide more than enough entertainment for two months and make anyone forget that they are paying a price for a crime.

It feels like this was a plot all along, and we will find out in a few days as hearings on the matter are scheduled to take place in court.

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