Floyd Mayweather Gives Himself a ‘D’ Grade in Robert Guerrero Bout


Lookout Canelo Alvarez, if Floyd Mayweather is giving himself a “D” grade for what many boxing purist consider a boxing masterpiece in Money’s unanimous decision win over Robert Guerrero in May, you could be in for a world of trouble Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

During his interview held after his grand entrance to the MGM Tuesday Mayweather cited his changed body shape due to doing insane amounts of push-ups each day he was locked up in the Clark County Detention Center and a lengthy layoff due to his jail stint as contributing factors to what he considered a poor showing by himself.

Despite a year-long layoff and an obvious change in his physique Mayweather won handily against Guerrero, who at the time was coming off a big win over Andre Berto and had all the momentum in the world behind him.

Canelo is somewhat in the same boat heading into his own clash with Mayweather, as he is coming off the biggest win of his career in a unanimous decision, albeit somewhat controversial, win over Austin Trout in April.

With the fan support definitely in favor of Alvarez for this bout, no crowd support or fight could prepare Canelo for a Mayweather that is on his “A” game if what we saw in May was his “D” game.

With some many hopeful Mayweather “zero enders” being sent home with a loss and Mayweather walking out of the ring adding to his undefeated win total, Canelo must bring something different to the match in order to make sure he doesn’t become just another Mayweather statistic.

Although, on paper, Canelo looks like the best chance of any Mayweather opponent to hand Money his first loss, that chance is still not as great as the likelihood of another Mayweather victory party going on after their bout is over.

In what is being billed as the “biggest fight in boxing history” by Golden Boy Promotions, will most likely be just another day for Mayweather as he fights towards that mythical 50-0 record.

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