Jon Fitch “The team is still mending from Josh Koscheck leaving”

As with any split the repercussions are felt on a day to day basis and you can imagine the guys over at AKA are feeling the wounds of Josh Koscheck leaving even more as we get closer to the premier of Fight Factory (premieres Aug 15th on nuvoTV). If the wounds were beginning to scab up, imagine they have been ripped off as recent comments from Josh Koscheck hoping AKA burns down have caused a media storm in terms of asking AKA members what they thought of the comments.

One Jon Fitch admits to our very own Marcos Villegas that the mending process is something that is on going and day to day with the recent publicity of the upcoming show. It has been a hard process for Fitch, as Koscheck provided world class sparring and training for the welterweight contendor. The void is now having to be picked up by other members of AKA as Fitch admits that has been difficult though the team is managing. Fitch remarks though that the team was never in danger of falling apart and Koscheck was the only one who wanted to leave, “Everyone pretty much sided with Javier and the idea they want to be with the team. People are sad Koscheck is gone but we know that he left because he thought that was best for him, so we wish him the best of luck of getting people to train with him and get everything he needs to down in Fresno.” Certainly you can say that Fitch one day hopes Javier Mendez and Koscheck can set aside their differences though at the current moment you have to rule that out as the show is promising to bring out more heated clips between both Koshcheck and Mendez.

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