Fight Hub TV Exclusive: Roach Will Work With St. Pierre If Fight With Anderson Silva Occurs

Fight Hub TV had the opportunity to speak with world renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach about a frequent topic that has come up in the world of MMA in recent months. Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva has both gone on phenomenal runs in the UFC, practically cleaning our their respective divisions. Though St. Pierre has his biggest test in the welterweight division via Jake Shields on April 30, cries for a St. Pierre vs. Silva super fight have grown loudly when Silva beat former UFC champion Vitor Belfort in less than one round.

We asked Freddie Roach about his views on the potential fight and he revealed a few interesting tidbits from having worked with both athletes. “Anderson knows distance very well, he is a little bigger than Georges but Georges is physically a bit more stronger than him.” Though Silva is the taller and overall bigger fighter, Roach seems to believe that St. Pierre has a bit of the edge in the strength department. It makes sense the more you take a look at it as the Canadian’s body type of more compact than that of Silva.

It is no secret that Roach has worked with Silva in the past as our fight correspondent Marcos Villegas was curious to find out who displayed better boxing skill between the two fighters, “At the time Anderson understood boxing better than Georges but Georges is learning more about it.” A statement that is truer by the minute as St. Pierre displayed excellent use of boxing’s most important weapon, the jab. It served St. Pierre so well that it fractured Koscheck’s orbital by the end of the lopsided affair back at UFC 124.

As was the case for his match against Josh Koscheck, St. Pierre has once again enlisted in the services of Roach to help prepare him for his bout with Jake Shields. “Georges came in, but I was in Mexico working with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.” Since the taping of this interview, St. Pierre returned to the Wild Card Gym and was able to avoid the bad scheduling fiasco of a few weeks back. It is our assumption that both him and Roach worked more on the Jab, as creating distance should be a focus in his upcoming bout seeing that Shields’ best chance for beating St. Pierre is to get in close, taking the fight to the ground. If St. Pierre can get past this next challenge in Shields, it would re-fuel the fires for the Silva/St. Pierre bout.

We ultimately had to ask Roach who he would give the fight to and if he would chose to help St. Pierre over Silva, ” It’s a very difficult fight..he’s very talented (Silva) and a great match up.” Roach was hard pressed to give a verdict on who he thinks would win though he has already made up his mind on who he would help out, “I’m a bit closer with Georges at this point and I’m pulling for my Canadian guy and we will see what the french man does.”

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