Fabricio Werdum isn’t impressed by Overeem without his “juice”

Fabricio Werdum 2

It’s not just because they fought before, Werdum respects Overeem, he’s just speaking the truth according to Werdum. If you’ve ever spoken to Fabricio, you know this is how he is, he’s just an outspoken guy who does what he does and says what he says. His latest quote is one that won’t make Overeem happy, that’s for sure:

“He lacks a little bit in gas because of his steroids, he changes a lot if you take his juice off. Everybody saw what happened. Overeem is one fighter with his juice, but he changes completely without the juice. They took his powers.”

“Let’s see how he does against Frank Mir, if he changed his strategy or training. Frank Mir is not doing well recently too, but I believe Overeem will defend the takedowns and knock him out. Overeem is a good fighter, but let’s how he does without his juice.”

“I don’t like Overeem very much. Not because of the fact that we fought, but I think he’s too cocky. But he’s a good fighter, a strong guy, a good striker. I respect him for everything he has done in MMA and K-1.”

Well, you can’t necessarily disagree with him, if you believe that Overeem has been on overroids for his last few fights (they don’t test in Japan), however it’s not like roids make your chin better, and Overeem has had a suspect chin for years.

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