Eric Prindle Ready for Battle Against Thiago Santos In the Bellator Heavyweight Finals

By Monta Wiley

Since the start of the Bellator Heavyweight tournament back in October of 2011, Eric Prindle has been a one man wreaking crew in his advancement in the tournament rounds. Coming out victorious in his quarter and semi-final matches, Prindle showcased to the world that he is definite nominee to win the event. Heading into the finals of the tournament he would find himself in a battle against Thiago Santos. When the smoke cleared the fight would be ruled a no-contest due to an illegal groin shot administrated by Thiago onto Prindle. Now healthy and focused, Eric is back in action and is ready for his upcoming rematch against Santos as he hopes to bypass the opposition in his quest to fight for the title.

Fight Hub TV got the opportunity to speak with the heavyweight contender as he talks about his journey through the tournament, preparations for the upcoming bout, and his future aspiration to fight for the heavyweight championship.

FHTV: With the heavyweight division being such a stacked category, how does Eric Prindle separate himself from the rest of the competition?

Eric Prindle: I don’t try to separate myself. I just want to keep learning, fighting and having fun!

FHTV: Being a fighter in the Bellator organization, what would you say has been the most rewarding part about being in the company?

Eric Prindle: The most rewarding is fighting with friends and being in the heavyweight tournament!

FHTV: Switching gears you’ve put on a spectacular performance in the Bellator tournament in your trail to the finals. What would you say has been the toughest part about being in the tournament?

Eric Prindle: The toughest part about the tournament is the fights being so close together.

FHTV: What has kept you motivated through your quest?

Eric Prindle: My family, team, and my friends.

FHTV: Advancing to the finals you went into a No Contest decision against Thiago Santos. Talk a little bit about the encounter and do you wish things would have gone differently?

Eric Prindle: The no contest with Santos, it was what it was. I try to look at everything positive. It gave me more time to recover from my injures.

FHTV: Going into this upcoming rematch, how have you been preparing physically and mentally?

Eric Prindle: My rematch with Santos, I’m Training with Erik Paulson, Josh Barnett, Jacky May, Mr. Labanner and all the guys at fight ready gym. I also trained with pro boxer Danny Bachalder at Busted Nuckle.

FHTV: What does winning this upcoming fight mean to you?

Eric Prindle: This fight means if I win I get the opportunity to fight Cole Conrad, an awesome fighter and a great guy!

FHTV: What type of champion would you like to be?

Eric Prindle: The type of champion I would hopefully like be is a champion that keeps learning, growing as a fighter and as a human and gives back to the kids and passes the knowledge to others.

FHTV: Finally for those fans that are not familiar with you, who is Eric Prindle?

Eric Prindle: I’m a stand up fighter that’s trying to get well rounded. Keep learning and I hope to have a great fight and people for that don’t know me will watch an exciting fighter that is explosive and love the sport of MMA.

FHTV: Would you like to give any shout outs before we wrap up?

Eric Prindle: CSW, Fight Ready, WCF, Busted Nukle, all the doctors that help me, The Hyperbaric Chamber in Phoenix, Arizona, my wife and kids, Subway, Born to Bleed, Thorbeckes, Power Blocks, burn machine,,, and all the brothers I train with.

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