Daniel Cormier “I have fought higher caliber opponents than Jones did at 9-1”

A few back, we had a chance to speak to Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion Daniel Cormier. The champ covered topics such as preparing Cain Velasquez for his bout against Junior Dos Santos, as well as what his status is with Strikeforce. Now in the second part of this interview, he touches on current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.

Daniel Cormier is very direct in what he says, not in a condescending way but with a deal of extreme confidence. He backs what he says and clears the air of any other misconception you may have read or heard in the past. Enjoy part two of our interview with him and keep coming back for more, we know you will.

FHTV: What are the possibilities of you fighting Jones at 205 lbs?

Cormier: I said that I would only take that fight IF Cain was UFC heavyweight champion and I was offered the fight with Jones; that was the stipulation. I am totally content at staying at heavyweight. My diet is pretty much whatever I want, I don’t need to cut really any weight and I still am fast an able to compete with a lot of people in my weight class, why move from it?

FHTV: You did well against veteran opponents like Jeff Monson, Bigfoot Silva and Josh Barnett.

Cormier: Thank you. Who I have fought and how I have fought, it says something about me. That shows that I am content fighting wrestlers, bigger guys, jiu jitsu guys, all the division has to offer, I’m ok with and ready for it. When you look at my record at 10-0 as a professional and look at Jon Jones record when he was 10-0, who was his toughest guy? Stephan Bonnar and he did not finish him. I have fought higher caliber opponents at this stage in my career than Jon did in his at 9-1; His tenth fight was Matt Hammil

FHTV: Holidays are coming, you have big plans or will you be in the gym?

Cormier: I will be in the gym, training myself and alongside Cain, helping him get ready to get his belt back. We will be helping each other and I am excited for him, excited to watch him get his belt back. The fans call me the “Black Fedor” but really Cain is the one like Fedor. He comes out, no emotion and you see what he does; look at what he just did to Antonio Silva. You all will see what he is capable of when he fights Dos Santos again later this year.

FHTV: Your other teammate Jon Fitch just had an impressive victory at UFC 153, how enjoyable was that to watch?

Cormier: Ah man, I am so happy for Fitch, that’s my boy. My son is nineteen months old and loves Jon, he sees him at the gym and we watched him on TV, he sat with me and watched the whole fight, It was awesome to see him win and to see how he won.

FHTV: A lot of people hate on him for being so consistent in his style, what do you think of that?

Cormier: My question is, since when did consistency become a bad thing? Is it my job to teach you how to stuff a takedown? No, it is your job to stop my shot.

FHTV: Are you a big gamer like Fitch?

Cormier: I love video games, love em. My games are like, sports games and Call of Duty. I just played through that new Max Payne and thought it was amazing, cool story and just great game. Every year I will get the new NCAA, NBA 2K series, Madden. I will get a baseball game every year or so, new Tiger Woods. I gotta get the Olympic Games when they come out. I play them all the time. Fitch, he plays some different games I don’t get into, like Assassins Creed was aight but he plays that one, Skyrim. Dude comes up to me one day at the gym like, “Man…I played Skyrim for like three hours last nite. Didn’t do anything but make potions for three hours, getting ready for my journey” *laughing* But that’s my dude so I’m just like, ok buddy – do your thing

FHTV: Outside of this sport, what would you do for a career if not fighting?

Cormier: Coaching wrestling, I would be coaching college wrestling. That was my career path until I started fighting.

FHTV: Thank you so much for the time and a great interview, anything else you would like to say?

Cormier: Yes, FOLLOW ME! I think Twitter is amazing how we can interact with the fans and their voice is heard and actually taken in account for. I want more followers than anyone else, so follow me and tell your friends to as well! Thank you to my family, friends, training partners and sponsors!



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