Daniel Cormier doesn’t think Frank Mir is a step up in competition, wants Barnett in the UFC.


Daniel Cormier is not to be taken lightly by anyone. The Olympic wrestler and Strikeforce HWGP winner is one of the best and brightest in the business, and depending on who you ask about his physique, is fighting a weight-class above where he should be — Fedor style.

How could you dismiss the best base in MMA taken to an elite level, plus is horrfyingly deadly hands that have knocked out Bigfoot Silva with ease, something Alistair Overeem couldn’t do? You can’t. Although some are saying Frank mir is a huge step up in competition for Cormier, the Strikeforce heavyweight vet seems to think the contrary. This is what he told BloodyElbow:

You know, I don’t feel like it’s that much of a step up, honestly. I don’t know if that’s just my respect for Josh Barnettand Bigfoot Silva, but those guys are really good. I don’t think many guys are a step up from those two. Bigfoot just beat Alistair Overeem, and Josh has long been considered one of the best in the world, and still is, in my opinion. I think anytime you start thinking about taking a step up from Josh or Bigfoot, you can only look to Cain for that position, or maybe Junior dos Santos. Really, those two are the only ones that are better than the rest of the guys in the division.

On Barnett coming to the UFC:

I wish he would have. Josh is one of those rare guys that knows what he’s worth, and he’s willing to fight for it. There aren’t too many guys that are willing to do that right now. It was very disappointing for me, because I really wanted to see him fight those guys and show that he is still one of the best in the world, and is to be respected. He’s got great skills and is a great fighter. I think he would have brought a lot to the organization. I still hold out hope that at some point, they can get it figured out.

So does Mir have what it takes to beat a surging Cormier at UFC on FOX 7? Perhaps a submission is waiting in the midst, or will Cormier continue his rise to greatness with a win over the former UFC champ?

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