Dana White says Ronda Rousey won’t retire in two years.

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When Dana White has a star in his grasp, expect him to hold on for the ride and even help launch it into superstardom, but come on – there’s no way you’re going out on a peak, it just doesn’t happen that often in sports. This is no John Elway situation, and even though Ronda Rousey¬†has said that she wants out in a about two more years, Dana White doesn’t think so.

“I don’t care what Hollywood offers, they’re ain’t paying what we’re paying,” White said. “These guys, when they go out and make a movie, they’re not paying what we are.”

As for Rousey’s Twitter rant, White, who has been known to engage in a Twitter kerfluffle or two of his own, had a bit of advice: Stay offline if you’re having a bad day.

“If you want to be on Twitter, get ready,” White said. “Put your big-girl boots on. Get ready, because s— coming at you. Any time you’re in the public, with social media, and the internet or anywhere else, people are going to say stupid shit to you. No matter what, it’s going to happen. You can’t snap and flip out on everybody any time they do. She’ll learn that, she’s still young.”

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