Dana White re-watched Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson, and feels there should be no controversy

dana white esmile

Last Saturday night, UFC president Dana White could not stop raving about how great the match up between UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson was. He got so into it he didn’t bother to even score the fight as he turned full mark half way through the first round. By the end of it, White probably suffered a few out of body experiences like the rest of us and not to mention a heart attack once the score were read.

When asked at the post-fight press conference who he scored the fight for, or if he agreed with the scores White was honest in his response. He simply needed to see the fight again, away from the cheering of thousands of Crown Royal and Molson drinking rabid Canadian MMA fans. Fast forward to two days later and (drum roll please) White has had a chance to see the fight.

Be warned, if you are a Alexander Gustafsson fan or feel he won the fight clearly, you will not be impressed with what Mr. White has to say below.

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