Cub Swanson achieved “Beautiful Violence” over a tough Denis Siver.

UFC on FX: Pearson v Swanson


Cub Swanson just turned in one of the most impressive performances of his career agains a tough German tank in Denis Siver, but it didn’t come easy. The fight went back and forth for nearly ten minutes, with Siver controlling the fight early and often with impressive top control, using his thick frame to keep Swanson’s back to the mat. As time went on, though,Swanson was able to use his length and superior striking to wear down Siver in the 3rd round, leading to this .gif from the Zombie Prophet.

Don’t get too high on Swanson though, his run has been incredible, but RIcardo Lamas, Chad Mendes and Frankie Edgar are still ahead of him, and Aldo destroyed him in the WEC. He still has a few steps to a title shot.


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