Chuck Liddell “(Rashad Evans) opening line six to one..that is ridiculous” tells Rampage to show up in shape and Glover Teixeira

So unless you have been pretty much living under a rock for the past year or so, you know that there will be some serious cooking between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans this weekend at UFC 145. It is a grudge match that saw Evans leave Jackson’s MMA in Albuquerque, NM due to the actions of current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. As we bask in the fight week festivities that will soon begun and the barrage of videos and news stories that will soon follow, we are going to give you a taste before a taste of that barrage to come.

Think of it as the t-shirt, before THE t-shirt….or something clever like that. So check it fight fans, our very own Dustin De La Torre had a chance to pop up on Chuck Liddell recently in Southern California. De La Torre is always running into professional fighters and we commend him on getting us really great interviews but we are also starting to think he may have a elite skill set on creeping. Anywho, Liddell breaks down the main event between the two fighters

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