Canelo’s trainer says Austin Trout was harder to prepare for in camp than Floyd Mayweather

chepo reynoso

You would think facing Floyd Mayweather Jr. would possibly be the hardest thing to do as a boxer in terms of preparation. Having to deal with his speed, timing and above all his defense is a extremely daunting task for any fighter. As Canelo Alvarez enters the final stages of his camp before his super fight on September 14th with Mayweather, all is calm amongst Team Canelo?

Why? Well according to “Chepo” Reynoso the head trainer of Canelo Alvarez, Austin Trout was a more difficult opponent to prepare for than Mayweather. Say what?! Yup you heard us right. So while you run all sorts of expletives inside your head at this very moment see why “Chepo,” feels this way in the interview below!

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