Fight Hub TV Deal Of The Day: Bad Boy MMA Shorts $25

Bad Boy MMA Shorts for $25

Today on MMAHQ for $25 (normally $60) are the Bad Boy Matrix MMA Shorts.

Bad Boy MMA Shorts.

In sizes 28″ – 38″. Fast shipping, $5 in the US, $10-$15 to the rest of the world.

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Fight Hub TV Deal Of The Day: PunchTown MMA Gloves

Super cool PunchTown MMA Gloves

fight gloves

If you want super cool mma gloves, check out PunchTown which are available in US on EliteMMA. The gloves have the coolest printed leather graphics and the quality on them is excellent.

Not sure what size you need? Check out this PDF gloves sizing chart. and remember if you’ll be using wraps, measure with your wraps on.

From PunchTown – take it too far.

UFC 141: Lesnar vs Overeem Betting Pick and $10k Handicapping Contest

UFC 141: Lesnar vs Overeem Betting and Contest
Last week I gave you guys a heads up about the UFC 141 Free Handicapping Contest with a $10,000 prize pool. Now I’m going to give you another solid with a betting pick on the main event so that you could use it while UFC betting and when making picks for the contest over at

Brock Lesnar +120 vs Alistair Overeem -150

Brock is the underdog coming into this fight for good reason. He lost via TKO in the first round against Cain Velasquez while defending the belt in his last fight. Not only did he get the snot beat out of him, he hardly landed any hits against Cain. Lesnar has shown a lot of holes in his striking, defense and ground game. His coach has stated that unlike a lot of Brock’s previous fights, that Lesnar would be 100% coming into this fight. Although Brock is healthy again, he hasn’t fought in over a year so he will have to use the first round of the match to warm up, if he can survive that is.

Alistair Overeem is arguably the best striker in his division, but he put on a very lack luster performance in his last match against Fabricio Werdum. Although he striking is powerful, he leaves holes in his defense because he fights with his hands in a lowered position a lot. This is partially why he ate an average of 2 punches before he could guard intelligently in his fight against Werdum. He also walks right into punches and his head movement consists of lowering his head instead of side to side movement. Overeem’s counter strikes half the time even though he fights better as the aggressor. The reason he counter strikes more then he should is because he hesitates and waits for his opponent to move into a “favorable position.”

I believe both fighters have enough holes in their game that can be seriously exploited, so both have a real shot of winning. I am going with the fighter with less holes and that’s Alistair Overeem. It is possible that Brock Lesnar’s strength, athleticism and wrestling can stop Overeem, as it did Randy Couture, Frank Mir and Shane Carwin, but Alistair’s experience and striking makes him a better bet.

For the handicapping contest over at, the scoring works by picking the following correct: winner (15 points), method (7 points), round (5 minutes) and minute (1 point). You also get 15 bonus points for guessing all 4 categories correct. This is how I feel the Lesnar vs Overeem match will play out:

Correct Winner: Alistair Overeem
Correct Method: TKO
Correct Round: 3
Correct Minute: 3

The UFC Betting Odds were provided courtesy of BetDSI, the only sportsbook featuring live in-fight betting.

UFC 141 Free Handicapping Contest with $10,000 Prize Pool is Open for Registration

UFC 141 Free Handicapping Contest with $10,000 Prize Pool

UFC 141: Lesnar vs Overeem is coming up quick and to add to the excitement is holding a free handicapping contest with a $10,000 cash prize pool.  100 cash prizes will be awarded so that means you have a solid shot of taking home part of that $10k prize pool. In order to win all you have to do is make picks on the UFC 141 fight card. This is how the scoring works:

Correct Winner: 15 points
Correct Method: 7 points
Correct Round: 5 points
Correct Minute: 1 point
BONUS – Guess all four categories correct for an additional 15 points.

Now is your chance to get paid for keeping up with MMA and to gloat while waving cold hard cash in front of your friend’s jealous faces. In order to register all you have to do is sign up with BetDSI Sportsbook, the contest’s sponsor, then register over at The whole process is free so be sure to get your friends in on the action.

The Cagehero Presents: “Create Your Own CageHero” Contest

Your friendly neighborhood apparel company CageHero is teaming up with us to bring you fight fans a contest that will let you channel your inner comic book geekness! ::cue the horns:: Presenting the CageHero Create Your Own CageHero Contest! CageHero is looking to add another hero to their ranks (all of which you can check out at and we are looking to you the fans to come up with an original idea for the next CageHero! Ever wanted to be a comic book writer or had a crazy idea for a superhero growing up? Now is your chance to brag about it and not worry about getting shunned by hot chicks! So how does this work? It is simple!

Contest Criteria:
Provide a name and description of your super hero including origin, superpower, height, weight, and brief bio on your creation to!

Pretty simple right? For some inspiration see some of the current CageHero’s here!

To the winners go the spoils:
Grand Prize: A autographed picture from former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell
2nd place: A CageHero hoodie and a CageHero T-Shirt
3rd place: A CageHero T-shirt

Final submissions to be taken at December 23rd at 11:59 PM!

Our staff will pick the grand prize winner as well as the 2nd and 3rd place winners on December 26th! Take it as a late x-mas present! Yaaay!
Drop your submissions at Remember, final submissions will be taken on December 23rd!

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GAMMA Labs PTF Video Contest and Sweepstakes – Over $15k in Prizes

GAMMA Labs PTF Video Contest and Sweepstakes
GAMMA Labs is giving away $10k+ in their Pre-Training Formula video contest and over $5k in prizes in a sweepstake. All you have to do to enter the sweepstakes is fill out a form on their Facebook page. The four grand prize winners will be announced January 10, 2012 and they will get a $250 GNC shopping spree. Additional winners will be announced throughout the sweepstakes and will receive other exciting prizes.

Below is a video about their Pre-Training Formula video contest followed by more info and rules:

“Show Us How You Push Your Limits with PTF. We’re encouraging everyone, at any level of fitness to create their coolest 90 second or less video “pushing their limits”. Whether it be fun, impressive, or inspirational… featured in sports, gaming, yoga, pilates, weightlifting, or even extreme activities… all ideas are welcome!”

Rules from GAMMA Labs Facebook page:

What Should Be In Your Video:

1. You drinking Gamma Labs PTF getting ready for your workout (within first 10 secs of your video)

2. Your own creative and exciting training regimen

3. You telling us how you achieve your fitness goals and how PTF fits into your routine

To give you a better idea of what to include in your video, or to just watch/vote, go to their Facebook page HERE.

This is who I voted for: