Chris Weidman injured, out of UFC 181 title fight; Johny Hendricks vs Robbie Lawler 2 takes main event slot

chris weidman ufc 175

The UFC injury news just keeps coming, and the latest news is a big hit for the organization. UFC Middleweight champion Chris Weidman was forced to pull out of his UFC 181 main event title fight against Vitor Belfort due to a fracture in his hand.

Instead of finding a replacement opponent for Belfort, the UFC opted to push the title fight back to February. This is the second time this fight has been postponed as the two were scheduled to meet at UFC 175 in July before TRT was banned and Lyoto Machida took Belfort’s place.

So now for the good news: The UFC has now placed Johny Hendricks vs Robbie Lawler 2 as the main event of UFC 181 in the highly anticipated rematch of their epic battle back in March.

Talk about an excellent replacement fight. Hendricks and Lawler put on one of the best fights of the year back at UFC 171 for the vacant welterweight championship that saw Hendricks eek out a decision over Lawler.

Are you more excited for the Hendricks/Lawler matchup, or more bummed that we have to wait for Weidman/Belfort again? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: Dana White confirms injury to Weidman, and that new main event is Lawler/Hendricks 2.

The Fit Expo Returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center January 25-26


A decade long Los Angeles tradition, The Bodybuilding.comTheFitExpo Southern California presented by Subway Restaurants and Body Fortress, returns January 25-26, 2014 to the Los Angeles Convention Center. This exciting weekend will offer attendees a non-stop immersion into the worlds of health and fitness, including challenges where top athletes will compete. Check for up-to-the-minute additions.

Now in its 11th year, TheFitExpo will bring together over 35,000 fitness enthusiasts and fans from Southern California and around the world. Attendees will get the opportunity to come face to face with celebrities, executives and fitness industry veterans as well as walk through an exhibit hall with over 300 exhibits consisting of the most innovative companies in fitness displaying products and services with discounts and complimentary samples offered.

Erin Ferries, Executive Director of National Fitness Productions, said, “We continue to expand our programing and exhibit areas as we focus on broadening our expo to capture new aspects of fitness. This year we are welcoming several new events including Extreme Tricking hosted by Loopkicks, Parkourhosted by Tempest Freerunning Academy, the Met-Rx All American MAS Wrestling Championship andTheFitExpo Career Connection.”

Along with these new attractions, several fan favorites are set to return including a huge MMA area, LA Battle of the Boxes (CrossFit), Battle of the Bar, and a Jump Rope Competition. Plus, the Healthy Living Pavilion and The Evolution Fitness Conference with mini workouts will be larger than ever.

Attendees can cheer on 20 returning contests including The Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Nationals, IRON MAN Magazine Naturally Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure & Bikini Championships presented by Optimum Nutrition, MET-Rx Odd Haugen Strength Challenge, American Record Makers Olympic Weightlifting Competition, The USPLA American Cup Powerlifting Championships, MET-Rx Vise Grip Viking Challenge and’s BodySpace™ Spokesmodel Search.

TheFitExpo weekend will offer attendees the chance to win prize money and bragging rights as SoCal’s Best 4 Ca$h and MAXREPS 4 Ca$h returns, offering a total of $4,000 in cash prizes.

Adult admission tickets are $20 per day or $30 for the full weekend. Children 12 years and under are $10 per day and children under 6 are free. Show hours are Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Plenty of parking is available. The Los Angeles Convention Center is located at 1201 South Figueroa Street, South Halls G, H, and J. For full information on TheFitExpo ticketing, exhibiting or sponsorship opportunities call (818) 545-0290 or visit

Meet Tito Ortiz and Bas Rutten this weekend at the LA Fit Expo

fit expo logo

Look at west coast fitness freaks the LA Fit Expo is back! One of the largest Fittest Expo’s in the west coast is returning this weekend and will kick off at The Los Angeles Convention Center on January 19th and 20th! The biggest names in the fitness industry will be on hand with their sexy booth babes showcasing their newest supplements and equipment. So get your lazy butt of the couch and come experience the expo as you get a chance to interact with the likes of Tito Ortiz, Bas Rutten and other MMA notables over the weekend as well the many fitness models and celebrities. For more info check out the official word from the people at the Fit Expo themselves!

Mixed Martial Arts is back in a big way at West Coast’s largest fitness event, TheFitExpo Los Angeles Saturday and Sunday, January 19-20 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 South Figueroa Street, West Halls A & B. The Expo will feature two full days of MMA seminars, autographs and interactive demonstrations where attendees can learn from the best in the sport, up close and personal. The latest in fight gear and clothing will be featured on the exhibit floor.

“Mixed martial arts competitors are true athletes that employ the training and nutrition principals of strength, power and fitness, the cornerstone of Los Angeles Fitness Expo. We’re are excited to have the biggest names in the sport teaching and signing autographs at our show,” said Erin Ferries, Executive Director, TheFitExpo.

TheFitExpo’s complimentary MMA seminar track, presented by Hit What’s Hot, Tapout Magazine, MMA Worldwide, 02 Trainer and and will be hosted by MMA fighter and ESPN Los Angeles radio host RJ Clifford, featuring many of today’s top fighters and coaches. will be conducting a live remote throughout the weekend. Up-to-the-minute updates on fighter appearances are available at

Attendees can meet and get autographs from former Light Heavyweight Champion, Tito Ortiz and former Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten. Other special appearances will include MMA fighters Duane “Bang” Ludwig and Don Frye, renowned MMA referee Herb Dean, Punkass and Skrape of TapouT, host of “The Best of Pride Fighting” Kenda Perez and many more!

Special MMA demos planned for the weekend include “Pro Boxing Demo” courtesy of Island Boost, “Capoeira Demo” presented by TapouT Gym LA, “MMA Techniques” with James Wilks and Mike “Joker” Guymon.

Freddy George, “The Detroit Diesel”, Fitness Editor for TapouT and MMA Worldwide Magazines, trainer and Inventor of the Machine Shop Training System, which integrates The Burn Machine, The War Machine and Stroops Resistance Band Training systems, will also be on site Saturday and Sunday.

Shin’s XMA Martial Arts Demo Team will perform a blend of martial arts and acrobatics to create the high flying maneuvers you see in movies today.

Daniel Puder, founder and CEO of anti-bullying and youth development company My Life, My Power will be appearing on the main stage on Sunday, January 20. Puder is an undefeated heavyweight MMA fighter and a WWE’s Tough Enough Champion. He will provide insight on how his own experience of being bullied while growing up propelled him to becoming an undefeated fighter in the cage and a continuing role model for youth.

Attendees can register to win each day a painting by top MMA artist Rodrigo Tovar of, which he will create on site at the expo. The winner need not be present to win.

Expo attendees will also cheer on competitors participating in returning contests including
Optimum Nutrition presents The Iron Man Naturally Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure & Bikini Championships, The Gracie US Nationals, MET-Rx Odd Haugen Strength Classic, American Record Makers Olympic Weightlifting Competition, Body Fortress presents The USPA American Cup Powerlifting Championships, MET-Rx Vise Grip Viking Challenge and’s BodySpace™ Spokesmodel Search.

TheFitExpo offers something for everyBODY! Attendees will find over 100 fitness and sports celebrities as well as 20 amateur, professional, Olympic and attendee competitions and 300 exhibits offering the latest in fitness, diet, nutrition, strength and wellness products and services. During both days of the Expo, many leading fitness professionals will be presenting educational seminars and demonstrations on subjects such as proper nutrition and dieting and exercise philosophies.

TheFitExpo adult admission tickets are $20 per day or $30 for the full weekend. Children 12 years and under are $10 per day and children under 6 are free. Show hours are Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Plenty of parking is available.

For more TheFitExpo information on ticketing, exhibiting or sponsorship opportunities, call (818) 545-0290 or visit

Fight Hub TV Deal Of The Day: PunchTown MMA Gloves

Super cool PunchTown MMA Gloves

fight gloves

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From PunchTown – take it too far.

The LA Fit Expo welcomes Mike Tyson, Tito Ortiz and a slew of other sporting figures

Mixed Martial Arts is back in a big way at California’s largest fitness event, The Los Angeles Fitness Expo Saturday and Sunday, January 28-29 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 South Figueroa Street, South Halls G & H. The Expo will feature two full days of MMA seminars and interactive demonstrations where attendees can learn from the best in the sport, up close and personal. The latest in fight gear and clothing will be featured on the exhibit floor.

“Mixed martial arts competitors are true athletes that employ the training and nutrition principals of strength, power and fitness, the cornerstone of Los Angeles Fitness Expo. We’re are excited to have the biggest names in the sport teaching and signing autographs at our show,” said Erin Ferries, Executive Director, The Los Angeles Fitness Expo.

The Los Angeles Fitness Expo’s complimentary MMA seminar track, presented by Sherdog and MMA Worldwide, will be hosted by renowned MMA referee Herb Dean, featuring many of today’s top fighters and coaches. Up-to-the-minute updates on fighter appearances are available at

Attendees can meet and get autographs from former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Tito Ortiz, (Saturday only) and UFC Fighter, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, (Saturday) both courtesy of Punishment Athletics.

Javier “Showtime” Vazquez, UFC fighter named by Sports Illustrated in 2009 as the most inspirational performance of the decade, will appear Saturday. On Sunday, the First Annual Javier Vazquez Kids Wrestling Championships presented by the California Age Group Wrestling Association (CAGWA) will take place at the Expo.

Other MMA appearances will include Master MMA fighter Puni Aumauinuuese, courtesy of PROPTA and UFC Middleweight and United States Naval Academy graduate Brian Stann, courtesy of Gaspari Nutrition (Saturday only).

With Muay Thai being one of the essential training techniques for MMA, Jean Carrillo, world class Muay Thai Trainer and Phil Collen, Def Leppard Guitarist and Muay Thai Kickboxer will both make appearances at the Expo (Saturday only).

Apex Sports Agency looking to redefine the way Mixed Martial Arts fighters are represented.

As the sport we love and adore continues to evolve by leaps and bounds, so has the need for honest, professional and true representation for the athletes themselves. The modern day warriors we cheer and embrace, whom through blood, sweat and tears – step into a cage to make their living.

In years past, managers and trainers of mixed martial artists have found mixed results for their athletes. Securing a fight here and a few bucks there, all with the best of intentions; However in most cases coming up short in the long run, never quite able to secure the solid, long term opportunities that bring security and longevity to a fighter’s career.

One agency in particular has managed to quickly grab the attention of an industry – and very early on. Apex Sports Agency (ASA), although still in their infant stage, has proven to be a professional top-tier agency of driven, well-informed, strategy-minded individuals who’s system brings a crucial and much needed “fighter first” mentality to the forefront. Methods which carefully calculate the smartest decisions and opportunities to maximize their clients’ careers and bring long term security and sustainability to their family and their future, both in and outside of the cage.

Their system is working and working well for them.

Whatever the strategy, ASA has knocked the ball out of the park early in the game – and are eager to attain more at bats for their clients. Despite the methods to their madness, it is clear their hearts and efforts are sincere as an unprecedented number of their clients have already been ushered into the big show, the UFC, in just 6 short months of official operation.

Headed by former fighter and television host/personality Jason Chambers, the team assembled at ASA brings a much needed passion and level of understanding to the fighter/agent setting. With each member of the team having competed or been involved in the sport to an extensive degree, it is clear the level of crucial experience and know-how at ASA has proven uniquely effective. And as the team continues to open the flood gates of opportunity for their stable of fighters, one can only assume the magic they have displayed will continue to defy and impress, turning more and more industry heads along the way. Most importantly however, the fighters themselves seem to finally be getting the due diligence they deserve. A win-win scenario any way you look at it, and long overdue blessing for the modern day warriors who continue to entertain.

Officer Ismael Gonzales talks headlining Cage vs. Cons 2

Officer Ismael Gonzales sits down with Fight Hub TV to share his thoughts about being a professional fighter by night and a police offer by day. Gonzalez will be headlining the Cage vs. Cons second card at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena and he shares his thoughts on his upcoming fight with Nick Christy and the feeling of having a jammed packed arena rooting against you.

FHTV: How did you get connected with Cage vs. Cons?

IG: It is funny I had fought for a promoter whose nephew is a police officer who said “Hey, my uncle has a friend and he is picking up fighters for an organization called Caged vs. Cons would you be interested?” At first I was like no way but he talked me into it and I tried out. They had some really good fighters so after that I was all for it. Another thing that sold me on the idea was everyone I met with Cage vs. Cons was a pleasure to work with and they had me thinking wow these guys are some good people.

FHTV: When you were approached by Cage vs. Cons what was your initial thought?

IG: I was thinking that they were going to have convicts right out of jail fighting. I had seen some of the felony fights before and I thought to myself that is some rough stuff. Plus I do not think I would have been approved to fight for them if it was a convict right out of jail. At first I thought it was going to be like the felony fights but it was not so I was all for it.

FHTV: You are a Police Offer, have you gotten any flack for fighting?

IG: For the first event I got a lot flack from people. People were saying it is not a smart career move and saying it was really bad. I had a lot of pressure on me to win.

FHTV: How did you get involved in mixed martial arts?

IG: I grew up doing Tae Kwon Do; I am third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Then when I was in the military I fell in love with Muay Thai while in France. I got back to the states and did a bunch of amateur fights then turned pro.

FHTV: Talk to us about how being a police officer helps you succeed as a fighter?

IG: I think it all goes to back to when I was growing up taking Tae Kwon Do classes which taught me how to respect. I learned self discipline; It taught me everything that I know today and without martial arts I would not be at where I am at today.

FHTV: Fill us in on your opponent Nick Christy?

IG: I do not know much about Nick, I just hear that he has started to mouth off some and is acting very disrespectful towards me and law enforcement. I took it personal because I look at it in the way that he wants to beat me up and embarrass me in front of my family and friends. This training camp has been my best training camp. I have heard he wants to stand and bang and if he really does I really look forward to that. When we step in the cage come Saturday he is going to have to change to my game I am going out to fight my fight. Antonio McKee has me in the best shape of my life; everyone at Team Body Shop has been so helpful in helping me prepare.

FHTV: What was it like walking into the arena on your way to the cage and knowing that besides your corner, everyone in the stands was there to see you lose?

IG: It was unreal and it kind of reminded me of my kickboxing days. When I walked out I was like wow this is for real. I had people flipping me the bird and saying stuff towards me, My uncle and my dad were their in the arena and my uncle was cheering me on and my father had to tell him to shut up because the crowd was totally against me.

FHTV: What does it mean to you to represent Cage vs. Cons? It is almost like you are the face for the promotion.

IG: I think it is great! I am glad that I am the face because it is on the positive note. People that know me know I am a humble person a very good down to earth person. The people that know me know also know I am not some wild cop or some crazy dude trying to beat up people. I do it for the sport and enjoy the competition. I look forward to Saturday night where all the hard work that I have put in these last few weeks will get to be displayed.

Unorthodox Industries 5 Full Recap

by Ken Yates

Unorthodox Industries Championships held there 5th event this past Saturday in beautiful Hilo,Hawaii, and fighters from all over the Hawaiian Islands showed up to test their skills inside of the cage. In the Main event it was 217 Pound Kris Palea from Hilo taking on the highly experienced Pama Fuga from Team Average Joe’s of Kailua-Kona. Although Fuga has not fought in over three years, you sure could not tell by the way he was putting his punches together, and staying quick on his feet. Palea showed that he to came into this fight well prepared, staying calm and defending Fuga’s punches, while scoring on numerous take downs.In the end it was Palea taking Fuga down with a double leg take down working onto full mount position and ending the fight with some nice ground and pound, forcing Referee Chris West to step in 3:49 in the second round. This was Palea’s Professional Debut and with a win over a seasoned Veteran like Fuga, he looks like a fighter to keep a eye on in the future.

In the nights Co-Main event it was the former UIC 135lbs Amateur Champion and Nova-Uniao/Monsta MMA pupil “Rootless” Daniel Friend matched up against the former X-1 135lbs Amateur Champion and 808 Top Team student Louis Smolka in their Professional Debut. This was one of the night most technical bouts, yet there were moments when it turned into an all out brawl. For three rounds both fighters gave it their all. Daniel scored with some powerful leg kicks to the body and some crazy combinations, while Louis also impressed with his nice in and out punches and well put together take downs. Daniel edged out the win, with a very close Decision but the fight was so close that I see a re-match brewing in the near future.

In maybe the nights most anticipated bout it was the UIC 125lbs Champion, Keenan Cohen taking on the number one contender Ryan Tampon. Keenan who coincidentally holds four Different titles in four different Promotions actually wrestled against Tampon in High School. In the opening round both fighters came out strong and looked pretty even until with 30 seconds left in the round Keenan locked on a Triangle Choke that looked tight, but Ryan stayed calm and picked Keenan up and slammed him on his back. From there Ryan started to work his ground and pound until the bell sounded. In the second round after a quick scramble Keenan turned the tide and got Ryan to his back, worked until he he had full mount position, sunk in his hooks and proceeded to ground and pound him until the Referee was forced to step in and call a stop to the action at 2:34 in the second round. With this win Keenan now improves his record to 8-0 and a total of 4 Amateur belts to his credit.

In other bouts:
Miles Campbell Def Shane Nozaki via: Decision ***155 pound Title Fight***
Jirah Torres-Umi Def Keola Arakaki via: First round TKO Ref Stoppage “Strikes”:49
Pono Kuikahi Def Kris Acang via: Second round TKO Ref Stoppage “Strikes” 1:27
Kapono “Bone” Pali Def Cassius Kegler via: First round KO 2:37
Bruen Tavares Def Javin Santos via decision
Reed Akashi Def Junior Casem via decision
Keith Brewer Def Jesley Sanitan via decision
Bronson Barrozo Def Anthony Brigoli via second round TKO Ref Stoppage “Strikes” 2:10

Lion Fight Promotions Pits Four WBC Muay Thai Titles On The Line In Primm, NV Aug. 20

Thai Legend and Five-Time World Champ Sakmongkol Sitchuchoke vs. superstar Cosmo Alexandre in WBC Superfight main event
Ky Hollenbeck to defend WBC interim world middleweight title against Simon Chu
Chaz Mulkey vs. Remy Bonnel for WBC interim international middleweight title
Joe Shilling vs. Brandon Banda for vacant WBC light heavyweight championship
Jeri Sitzes to defend women’s WBC international super bantamweight title against Misty Sutherland Continue reading “Lion Fight Promotions Pits Four WBC Muay Thai Titles On The Line In Primm, NV Aug. 20”

M-1 Challenge Garner vs. Bennett Full Results

Main Card:
Kenny Garner def. Pat Bennett via TKO in Round 2 (1:15)
Arthur Guseinov def. Tyson Jeffries via KO in Round 1 (1:32)
Mairbek Taisumov def. Josh Bacallao via KO in Round 1 (2:01)
Daniel Weichel def. Bau Baker via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)
Eddie Arizmendi def. Jason Norwood via KO in Round 2 (4:55)

Diman Morris def. Brandon Michaels via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Max Martyniouk def. Mike De Robles via TKO in Round 1 (2:30)