Top 10 Bellator Knockouts Video – Can These Fighters Compete in the UFC or Strikeforce?

This video not only gives us a peek at some of Bellator’s top KO artists, but a potential look at some stars who may be able to really bring it to Strikeforce or UFC contenders. The UFC acquired the contracts for Pride fighters, merged WEC fighters into the UFC and now has bought Strikeforce. But the UFC is a hungry MMA monster who will never stop in recruiting talented fighters so who’s to say some of these top Bellator fighters won’t be recruited to the UFC once their contracts are up?

So far the trend is that fighters who can’t cut it in the UFC go to less popular MMA promotions such as Bellator. But there have been some cases in which fighters from Bellator move to Strikeforce or the UFC, it doesn’t happen often but it happens. Bellator is getting bigger and now that they will be airing more on MTV2, Spike and epix their fighters will garner more fans and popularity with the greater broadcast reach. This means that top talent from Bellator will have a greater chance to touch gloves with UFC or Strikeforce fighters after their contracts are up.

Can These Fighters Compete in the UFC or Strikeforce? In this Top 10 Bellator Knockouts Video below, you will see some top Bellator contenders who can definitely put on a good show against fighters from any organization. I am not saying they should be pitted against title holders from the very start. Most fans don’t watch lower MMA promotions if they are outside of their state but they should as some of these guys have some real talent. The video below gives you a small peek at several Bellator fighters who have awesome potential. Don’t be surprised if the trends change to more top Bellator fighters moving to the UFC/Strikeforce instead of failed UFC fighters moving to Bellator.