Dana White spoke to Andre Berto about fighting in the UFC

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by Jorge Hernandez

Thirty fights into his boxing career (28-2), Andre Berto has remained optimistic about his future in more than one combat sport.

When asked how far he can get in MMA, Berto answered: “I know a lot of the basics. So don’t be surprised…I talked to Dana White about this last time I seen him. So don’t be surprised if I try to get in that and win a title. Then I’ll be the first fighter to win a boxing championship and a UFC mixed martial arts world championship. So don’t be surprised if that happens.”

While he’s not sure how well his standup approach would convert over to the UFC. Berto would be a welcome addition to a lower division as the smaller fighters in MMA are never really focused on sheer take downs, they give the audience a little bit of everything.

Maybe Berto’s in your face boxing style can be adjusted easily to keep up with UFC fighters? Andre’s brother Edson Berto has had a good number of professional fights, so he’s definitely a good close training partner. James Toney was thrown off the deep end when he was paired with Randy Couture in his first and only appearance in the Octagon. We all remember how “The Natural” rudely welcomed Toney to the UFC.

However, Berto is just 29-years-old with many years left to develop into a premier MMA fighter.

As of now Berto is scheduled to meet Jesus Soto Karass for a non-title scrap this summer (July 20, 2013). Maybe another loss can ensure that he will hang up the big gloves and try to mold his game to be successful outside the ring and in the cage.

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