Phil Baroni calls TRT Bullsh*t, says he would only use it if he could not hump wife

TRT is always a hot button topic in MMA. Many view it as cheating while others view it as a means to prevent injury while treading around legal parameters set up by the athletic commissions. In 2007 after his defeat to Frank Shamrock, the CSAC received a sample from Phil Baroni in which the fighter tested positive for banned substances. They ultimately fined Baroni and provided him with a 6 month suspension, though Baroni appealed it and asked for his samples to be retested in which ultimately came up inconclusive.

Given this background, Marcos Villegas thought it would be interesting to speak with Baroni on the subject of TRT. Baroni agress with what many fans and fighters feel, that TRT is a illegal advantage. He goes so far to say it is “bullshit,” though he jokes if he would ever need to use it, it would be to hump his wife. A serious topic ends up becoming a humorous conversation that highlights the colorful personality of the New York Badass.

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