Bob Arum shares insight on UFC on FOX deal, believes it has not helped UFC PPV numbers

In this special audio interview, we enlisted the help of well known MMA writer Erik Fontanez to speak to Top Rank boxing founder Bob Arum. Over the years Arum has had a volatile relationship with MMA fans and UFC president Dana White. Some say it is because the UFC is slowly “killing boxing,” others say it is merely competition amongst two big fishes in the pond that is Las Vegas; we say it makes for some pretty damn funny interviews.

Arum is no stranger to us here at the site and in this latest audio interview he dissects the progress of the UFC on FOX deal. For Arum, it is too early for him to formulate if the deal has been beneficial to the UFC in terms of boosting PPV revenues. The promoter feels the FOX shows should have mid-tier talent headlining while saving superstars like Rashad Evans for PPV events. Arum goes deep into the subject matter in this five minute interview and it certainly is interesting to hear the opinion of the famed boxing promoter on the subject. Enjoy.

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