Arthur Abraham “I want to be world champion again!”

Former middleweight champion “King” Arthur Abraham (32-3, 26 KOs) has had a few setback as of late. Making it to the semi finals of the Showtime Super middleweight tournament he has hit a rut with three losses out of four fights to the top fighters in that division. With losses to Andre Ward, Carl Froch and a disqualification to Andre Dirrell, Abraham looks to bounce back on January 14 when he takes on Pablo Farias (19-1, 11 KOs) in Offenburg, Germany.

FHTV: How was it training for this fight during Christmas and New Years?
AA: I train all the time. No matter whether it was Saturday, Sunday, Christmas or New Year´s Day – I did not miss a single training session. On the days when Ulli Wegner was not available, his assistant Georg Bramowski took care of me. I did not complain about the hard training. It is part of an athlete’s life. It´s not that bad to skip the sweets and the good food during Christmas time.

FHTV: You must be excited to return and fight in Germany again?
AA: Yes, very much so. That is why it was ok for me to train so hard in the past weeks. I have not fought since May. It has really been a long break.

FHTV: In the last four fights you have had, you have lost three, how are you dealing with those losses?
AA: Well, if you lose, you get criticized. That is fine with me and that is something you have to live with. But I am not thinking about it any more. I have put it behind me. I am focusing on the future now.

FHTV: What have you learned most from these defeats?
AA: You cannot change the past. You just have to accept it and try to improve in the future. I would not say I boxed “poorly” or committed a lot of mistakes. I just was too passive in the fights. I have prepared well for the fight in Offenburg but that is not any different from the last bouts. However, I will try to be more active, try to punch more.

FHTV: So on January 14th what can fans expect from you?
AA: They can look forward to seeing the old Arthur Abraham, the one who won the world title and made ten successful defenses!”

FHTV: What is the plan if you win this bout, what are some goals you have?
AA: I only have one goal. I want to be world champion again.

FHTV: Thanks Arthur!
AA: Thank You!

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