Andre Ward vs. Edwin Rodriguez- Ward full media workout video

ward vs rodriguez media workout

As we are up late at night drafting this fine little piece of literary musings and looking over the various clips we put together from Andre Ward’s media workout from earlier today, one thing has become apparently clear to us.

Andre Ward is quiet possibly the only guy that on paper matches Floyd Mayweather Jr. skill for skill. Some of you may bawk, while others will agree but their is no denying that Ward has quietly and persistently reached that echelon of elite fighter that many of his contemporaries so valiantly seek. It is a shame the two will never face off in the ring, the two would probably challenge each other in a way they have never experienced before.

It is something that would have me muse on hours on end as to who would win and who would be the first to make a mistake. What a damn shame, at the very least EA Sports could come out with a new Fight Night so that our dream match could play out in at least one shape or form. Though we know the sun is slowly setting on Floyd Mayweather Jr. (and I emphasis slowly) a new dawn is rising in Ward whom in short time will be the heir apparent to the Mayweather throne.

All he needs to do is just continue what he has been doing since he was a little boy. win. Andre Ward looks to do so this Saturday against undefeated Edwin Rodriguez at the Citizens Business Bank Arena on HBO. See this future maestro in action as he displays his craft for our cameras below.

Andre Ward shadow boxing:

Andre Ward going #beastmode on the mitts:

Andre Ward hitting the timing bag and jump roping:

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