Andre Berto Lashes out at media on twitter over loss to Jesus Soto-Karass

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After being knocked out Saturday by Jesus Soto Karass and his all-out brawl with Robert Guerrero earlier this year, many media and fans alike wondered if Andre Berto should retire and Berto took to Twitter to air his displeasure of the criticism.

Berto Tweeted to his over 103 thousand followers:

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Sure one has to applaud the effort Berto (28-3, 22 KOs) put forward against Soto Karass, but to lash out on the media who are doing their jobs and stating their opinion is unprofessional.

Once one of the brightest up-and-coming stars in the sport, Berto’s career took a major hit in 2012 when he tested positive for steroids before his scheduled rematch with Victor Ortiz who he lost to in 2011. Although the test has since been dispelled as the positive test was said to be the result of contamination, the black cloud still hangs over Berto to this day.

As it stands Berto is 1-3 in his last four bouts, which doesn’t bode well for a fighter whose name is linked with steroids and hoping for a title shot.

Berto has tremendous skill and obviously isn’t afraid to let the punches go and take some in the process, but his fighting style of late is exactly the reason why the media is calling for him to retire.

Taking the kind of beatings Berto has taken in his last few fights could prove to cause Berto health issues years down the line, but Berto obviously still wants to prove he is one of the best in the ring.

As long as Berto makes for an exciting fight, he will still land decent bouts going forward, but longevity will be an issue. As far a still being a contender, he would have to opt for a more defensive style to avoid the kind of punishment he’s been taking to ensure he will be able to keep himself from being knocked out as he was Saturday night.

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